The Debaj Group is an agroindustrial company that owns farmland and industrial facilities in Africa. Examples of the agriculture products the company produces includes corn, tomatoes, cashew, cocoa, Yam, cassava, milk, rice, sugar, and wheat. The company also produces ethanol and bio-electricity.
Debaj’s constantly attempting to find ways to increase crop productivity, improve the quality of food and improve cultivation through a variety of seed technologies. Corporations are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and increase the quality of their products and agricultural companies are no different. As the world’s population increases, and the amount of arable land decreases, the need for ways to increase crop productivity are becoming a necessity.


Debaj is a trader of grains and oilseed, as well as a marketer of many other agricultural and non-agriculture commodity such as solid minerals and raw materials to mention but two types. Debaj purchases and harvests grain directly from source, stores them until marketing opportunities emerge and then ship the commodities in bulk, to points of demand around the globe. Debaj operates both owned and leased facilities. We also provide transportation systems to ensure economical and efficient distribution.

Debaj’s Merchants Team trades in and distributes crude and refined petroleum products, natural gas and electricity. Our ferrous international trades products ranging from pig iron to finished steel.

Debaj seeks the most efficient and economical mode of transport to move bulk commodities from point of origin to point of consumption. To manage transportation logistics, Debaj relies on a complex network of rail-road systems, inland water-ways, and ocean-going routes because of due to the great volume of merchandise to be transported.